About The Do-It Dozen

Which songbirds are the “best” for controlling pest insects in the home landscape? There are 12 species of songbirds that are the hardest workers, the most numerous in most habitats and the easiest to attract to the backyard in most parts of the country. This is the “Do-It Dozen”. Some are beautiful, such as cardinals and goldfinches. Some are a bit disreputable, such as starlings and house sparrows. However, as a group they are extremely effective at patrolling every nook and cranny of your yard for pest insects.

Virtually all of the Do-It Dozen can be found in every neighborhood in America, except the mountains, the desert, and tropical Florida, where only some of them are resident. Every pest insect found in the home landscape is a potential meal for at least one of the Do-It Dozen. They scout lawns, trees and shrubs, flowers and vegetable patches. They take care of the whole property. The more that you can attract to your yard by offering necessities such as food, water and shelter, the more help you will have in controlling pest insect problems there.

Introducing The Do-It Dozen!!

Cardinals – Catbirds – Chickadees -- Finches
Mockingbirds – Nuthatches – Robins -- Sparrows
Starlings – Titimice – Woodpeckers -- Wrens

And Flycatchers mess up the neat name by making it really 13 good guys, but Flycatchers are not so common in the suburbs, so we can stick with our Do-It Dozen being the best pest insect eaters in the cities, suburbs, and exurbs.

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