Aggravating Raccoons With Repellents

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Water Spritzing Repeller For Raccoons
SCARECROW is a motion-activated water sprinkling device that repels pest animals such as Raccoons by startling them with an unexpected spritz of water. SCARECROW is highly effective, is environmentally friendly and very humane. It does not hurt the animal. The effect of the sudden noise, movement and spray of water is both startling and immediate – animals quickly flee the area and avoid returning in the future! It will not activate for song-birds.

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Repel the Raccoon by Bad Smell
Human Scent On Corn Ears - Stroke the ear of corn about a week before it is ripe and again in two or three days before it is ripe. The raccoon is hopefully repelled by the human scent.

Fox Urine Around Corn Patch - Liquid fox scent is sold in sporting goods stores. Put a few drops on the ground around the perimeter of your corn patch a week before the corn begins to ripen and re-apply after rains.

Repel the Raccoon with a Burning Sensation
Black Pepper On Corn - Sprinkling black pepper on ripening corn ears is reputed to keep raccoons at bay. Apply before the corn is ripe, and repeat after a rain. The pepper probably needs to be placed on the silk or applied to the ear using something sticky on the corn ear to hold the pepper in place. Try hot pepper and/or Tabasco sauce on the ears and silk.

Repel the Raccoon with Sound
Radios - A radio left on in the garden has worked for some gardeners. This ploy is most successful when the radio is connected to a timer so that it goes on and off. Dusk and dawn are key times when you want to pipe in the sound of human voices. Protect the radio from the rain. Unfortunately, corn ripens even if it is raining.

Repel the Raccoon With Light
Lights - Raccoons prefer the cover of darkness to do their dirty work. You can sometimes deter them by hanging some lights around the garden. Flashing lights seem to bother them the most. A constantly lit light will no repeal raccoons because they become accustomed to having the light on every evening.

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