All-In-One Weed Killer by Bayer

All-in-One Weed Killer for Lawns by Bayer

This product kills both broad leaved weeds as well as grassy weeds in the lawn without harming the turf grass. It will kill dandelion and clover at the same time it kills crabgrass. It comes in both ready-to-use and concentrated forms. The RTU has a marker material in it called “Smart Track” that leaves a non-staining colored marker to show you where you have already sprayed the product. It washes off in the rain.

Weeds Controlled by this product include:
Weeds Controlled by All-In-One Weed Killer
Aster Black Medic Buckhorn
Burdock Cartpetweed Chickweeds
Clovers Crabgrass Creeping Charlie
Curly Dock English Daisy Fleabanes
Goosegrass Ground Ivy Henbit
Knotweed Morningglory Nutgrass
Nutsedge Oxalis Peppergrass
Plantains Poison Ivy Poison Oak
Pigweed Purslane Ragweed
Red Sorrel Speedwell Spurges
Thistles Wild Onion And others

For more information go to Bayer’s Consumer Web Site

If using the concentrate you will need a Hand Pump Sprayer. The job is more effective if you use a spreader sticker with the insecticide. After using an insecticide in a sprayer you may wish to use a commercial cleaner to make sure there is no residue for when you use the sprayer again, perhaps with a different pesticide.

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