Month to Month Care for Barrenwort (Epimedium x)






Barrenwort – The winter foliage begins to look pretty raggedy and can be cut down to be replaced by new growth in a month or so.  If used as a ground cover, the best tool is a lawn mower or heavy-duty string trimmer.


Barrenwort – This plant will flower in April and May.  Plant them in fall or spring, spacing them 8 to 10 inches apart.

Optional – While not usually needed, this plant can be divided in the early spring. 


Barrenwort – Since this plant is often used as a groundcover under trees, it should be noted that it will compete for food with the tree roots.  Any tree with a Barrenwort groundcover can use some slow-release fertilizer out to the drip line in the spring.






Barrenwort - Plant them in fall or spring, spacing them 8 to 10 inches apart.


Barrenwort – When leaves from surrounding trees begin to fall, most will fall down to the soil and not sit on top of the plants; but some do making the bed unsightly.  A blower/vac is a good tool to pick off those leaves sitting on top and even those that fell to soil level.  Put the chopped leaves right back into the bed of Barrenwort; they break down over time to feed the soil and ultimately the Barrenwort and the surrounding trees.


Barrenwort – This plant will stay evergreen or bronze right through the winter until March sometime when it gets raggedy and can be cut back.






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