Bin or No Bin?

There are many ways to enclose a compost pile. Fashion one from stacked concrete blocks, discarded freight pallets or wire fencing to retain a pile of decomposing yard waste. A bin can be round or square, as long as it has roughly the dimensions described above. Some kind of cover, while not essential, will prevent the leaves and other yard waste from becoming too soaked by the rain. Excessive wetness cools the pile and slows the decomposition process. Use an old shower curtain, planks, or a tarp as a cover. Do not seal the cover so that air cannot reach the pile. Oxygen is essential to the composting process.
Various home improvement stores, garden centers and mailorder outlets offer various types of compost bins ranging in price from as little as $30 to $175. Most of these bins are designed for passive compost piles. Materials for a homemade bin will likely cost $25 to $30.

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