Buying A Compost Bin

 This may sound strange, coming from a composting geek, but in my old age I have determined that if you live on a good sized property with trees, and shrubs and such and you have enough organic matter in the form of leaves, weeds, and trimmings, and you want to make compost, I suggest you make your own bin (described in detail in this section).  If on the other hand your primary interest is finding a way to compost your kitchen waste in a manner that does not smell, then there are any number of commercial compost bins that do that job quite nicely.  

For a compost pile to get hot enough to really have the decomposing microbes breaking down the organic materials in a few months, the pile needs to be about 4 x 4 x 4 feet or contain 64 cubic feet of material; not huge but a good sized composting operation.  Most commercial composters are much smaller.  That is why I recommend you focus your composting efforts on being able to compost all appropriate kitchen waste materials and return them into your garden rather than into the municipal waste system.

Go to the compost equipment section in the Tool Shed section in this website for information about some of the better composters we have run across.  

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