Caring for Goldenchain Tree

Like all the trees in your yard, the Goldenchain will be healthier with a 2 to 3 inch layer of organic mulch around its trunk out to the drip line of the foliage. Don’t let the mulch be in contact with the trunk. For more information see the file on Using Mulch

Water this tree whenever there are drought conditions.

The seed pods of this tree add to the litter problem in the early fall. They are easily raked up and thrown away. Do not use them in the compost pile.

Pruning –When the tree is young it is important to keep the tree pruned so that there is only one main trunk, otherwise it can generate a bunch of shoots and turn into a shrub. To keep this tree looking good, it can use some modest pruning each year in the late summer. Take off all shoots coming out from the trunk at the ground. Trim out new limbs that are pointing into the center of the tree and take out limbs almost horizontal to encourage the desired upward branching. Avoid cutting large branches as this tree heals slowly. If your tree is near a sidewalk or driveway, you may wish to trim off the lower drooping limbs to make room for pedestrian traffic. For more information see the files on Pruning Shade and Flowering Trees and Choosing Pruning Tools

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