Caring For Liriope

Ideally, Blue lily-turf plants should get 1 inch of water a week from rain or from a watering system. If your plants haven't gotten 1 inch of water during the week, check soil moisture under the mulch to see if you need to water. Lily-turf doesn't need much water while it's flowering, but water regularly later to encourage rooting. During hot, dry weather, water thoroughly once a week.

Normally, Blue lily-turf only needs one feeding of an all-purpose granular fertilizer in the spring, and it will be satisfied for the year. However, if it is growing under or near trees, that competing aggressively with it for available soil nutrients, it will benefit from another light feeding in the early summer.

Blue lily-turf plants do not require pruning. Usually they are left to their own devices, and they send up fresh new growth from the middle of the clump of foliage to renew themselves. Because they look a bit weather-beaten by early spring, some gardeners cut back their grass-like leaves to about 2 inches. They do this before new growth starts. Where Blue lily-turf serves as a ground cover, set the lawn mower to a height of 2 inches and mow right over it.

Divide overlarge clumps of Blue lily-turf in early spring, before new growth starts. Dig up the clump to expose its roots. Separate the foliage and with a sharp knife or spade, cut down and through the root mass to create two chunks of Blue lily-turf. Plant these chunks as described above.

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