Choosing Coralbells

New Coralbells for 2005

New For 2005 from Terra Nova Nurseries
Coralbells (Heuchera) ‘Blood Red’
Large, blood red flowers on 20” stalks erupt over bright green leaves swirled with a silvery-white overlay. Small compact foliage habit. Best red yet. Great in the border and one of the best for container production!
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New For 2005 from Terra Nova Nurseries
Coralbells (Heuchera ‘Chinook’Fresh, vigorous, glossy, and ruffled brown foliage carries a catch of fat pink flower buds, which open to delightful salmon-colored flowers. A very large flowering form. Great for containers, cottage, and woodland gardens. Foliage turns brown only in full sun.
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Additional Favorites

Additional Coralbell Choices
Some good coralbells varieties include:
‘Chatterbox’ (pink)
‘Pluie de Feu’ or ‘Rain of Fire’ (red)
‘Snowflakes’ (white—the best white flowered form),
‘Bressingham Hybrids’ in mixed colors.
‘Queen of Hearts’ is perhaps the best of all, with large red bells.

The dark purple-leafed ‘Palace Purple’ (Heuchera hybrid) was selected as the perennial plant of the year in 1991. It has inconspicuous flowers but is a dramatic foliage plant for partial shade or the open border.

Other noteworthy coralbells with silvery leaves overlaid with webs of darker, contrasting veins are:
‘Dale’s Strain’ (H. americana) chartreuse flowers, green foliage with siilver veins.
‘Pewter Veil’ has rose-silver-pewter foliage, purple/white flowers, spreads 2 inches.
‘Strawberry Swirl’ has ruffled green/silver foliage, ice-pink flowers.
A version of coralbells has been crossed with foam flower (Tiarella wherryi), called Heucherella ‘Bridget Bloom’. It has cultural requirements similar to coralbells.

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