Compost Tea

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While you can make your own compost, it is fair easier to buy bags of commercial compost in your garden center.  Just the weight of shipping makes it too expensive on the Internet.

In simplest terms, compost improves the soil so that the plants growing in that soil will be healthier and more productive. Whether it is spread in a layer on the surface of the soil or is worked down into the soil by hand or with a digging tool or tiller, it serves primarily as a soil conditioning amendment.

Compost is not a fertilizer, although it adds some nutrients to the soil. It is not a pH moderator like limestone, though it can (alter)the pH of the soil.


What we offer you here are two compost tea brewers.  You can buy bottles or jugs of compost tea in garden centers and via the Internet.  While we support the use of Compost Tea, we believe that is more effective to spend the extra money for a quality compost tea brewer and make your own. 

6.5 G SoilSoup Compost Tea Brewer Kit

by SoilSoup by GreenOrganics

  • Billions of metabolically active microbes in just one teaspoon
  • Replaces chemical fertilzers & builds healthy soil structure
  • Better tasting fruits and vegetables & better water retention. 1/3 less watering needed
  • Treat up to 100 sq. feet with just 1 gallon of fresh SoilSoup
  • All life in the soil depends on microbes, directly or indirectly

SoilSoup is an aerobically brewed compost tea. During the brewing process the microbial population becomes metabolically active (awake) and increases by an average of 25,000 times. The results from using freshly brewed SoilSoup are substantial. SoilSoup will out perform any chemical fertilizers over time, increasing both plant size and yield. In addition, plants grown in soil treated with SoilSoup are healthier due to the symbiotic relationship between the plant and the microorganisms in the soil. SoilSoup can remediate soil that has been damaged by agricultural chemicals, including chemical fertilizers. With repeated application, the microbes will adapt to the soil, convert and metabolize organic and non-organic chemicals. Adding SoilSoup in potting soil will suppress airborne pathogenic fungi that can infect a sterile potting medium. The microorganisms in SoilSoup also produce hormones, vitamins, nutrients, enzymes, amino acids and minerals. Fruits and vegetables grown in soil treated with SoilSoup have a higher nutritional value and substantially better taste than fruits and vegetables grown in soil treated with a chemical fertilizer. SoilSoup applied to the soil greatly improves water retention. Many of the microbes manufacture a protective mucus (glomalin) which acts as a glue that bind soil particles together. Approx. 33% less watering is needed for soil treated with SoilSoup. SoilSoup applied as a foliar spray will act both as a fertilizer as well as an organic fungicide. Foliar treatment will produce more foliage and larger stems. It is a great treatment for plants that are stressed. There is a constant battle for available nutrients both in the soil and on the foliage. The larger the concentration of beneficial soil microbes, the less space and available nutrients for the pathogens.


Compost Tea Brewer 5 gal

  • This is our Wormswrangler Compost Tea Brewer!
  • Heavy duty air pump
  • Nylon tea bag
  • Diffuser ring assembly
  • Minor assembly required.

YOUR PLANTS WILL LOVE IT! Add you own ingredients, compost and worm castings. You may use compost tea as a foliar spray to suppress foliar diseases, increase the amount of nutrients available to the plant and speed up the breakdown of toxins..You may also use it as a soil drench to improve root systems. Natural mildew inhibitor (roses, grapes, etc) Provides oxygen and beneficial fungi for the root systems

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