Composting Accessories

There a number of tools and devices that are very helpful in reducing the time one needs to spend dealing with the composting process.  

Compost Fork

The compost fork is usually a four pronged fork originally designed for moving manure.  You can find this tool with a long handle or a short handle with a "D" head.   We use this same fork for spreading mulch, especially straw mulch in the vegetable garden.  We prefer the forks with the fiber handles instead of wood handles.  Then when we leave them out in the rain and snow we feel no quilt because the handles are not harmed.






Compost Turning Tool

This tool has been around for many years and works well on small compost piles and especially in small bins.  It takes a bit of muscle to use effectively, but it will get the job done.

















Compost Sifter


 Some yardeners are neat freaks and want NO lumps in their finished compost; thus comes the compost sifter.  It is essentially a round or square box with a screen across the bottom that keeps the lumps from going through.  I don't consider this an essential tool but it does neaten up compost nicely.  Put the lumps back into the pile for more decomposing.







Compost Thermometer

If you are making compost using the active method it is very helpful to be able to determine the temperature inside the center of the compost pile.  it should peak at about 150 degrees.  When the temperature starts to go down, it is time to mix up or 'turn' the pile.  The temperature should start going back up again.  









Compost Scoop


Compost has a habit of sticking to your bare hands or gloves.  It is easier if you are spreading compost around existing plants in a garden to use a scoop to handle the material









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