Compression Sprayers

Bugwiser Sprayer by Hudson
Pump Sprayer

Compression or pump sprayers: These sprayers typically hold a gallon or more. They feature a hand held portable tank with a pump, hose, spray wand and a valve to control the spray. They have an indicated fill line at about three fourths of the capacity of the tank, leaving an air space. When you pump a compression sprayer, you force the air to compress in that space. Then, when you open the valve, the compressed air forces the liquid into a plastic supply tube, through the hose and out the nozzle. As the amount of liquid drops, so does the pressure, requiring repeat pumping.
Compression sprayers can save money and time. Mixing your own solutions from concentrate when a half-gallon or more is required is cheaper than buying pre-mixed solutions and also assures that you are applying material exactly according to directions. Pump sprayers have adjustable nozzles that deliver sprays ranging from a fine mist to a spray that reaches the top of 25 or 30-foot trees. The wand on a pump sprayer allows you to aim and extend your reach, so you can spray under leaves or other hard-to-reach or low lying areas more easily.

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