Control Corn Borer With Natural Insecticides

Bacillus Thuringiensis BT) - To use BT, bacteria that come in powder form, on borers, apply it immediately after the first eggs are laid. Repeat the application every 7 to 10 days until that egg-laying period has run its course. In corn, direct the first-generation sprayings at the whorl, and the second-generation sprayings at the leaf axils, the tassels, and the ear area. Granular BT formulations, such as Dipel G, have proved to be more effective against first-generation borer invasions than liquid or wettable powder mixes. The opposite is true for second-generation borer problems in sweet corn--the liquid is more effective than the granular version.

Bonide Rotenone Pyrethrin Spray Organic – This spray controls insects with a combination of products and is totally organic. This liquid concentrate controls many insects on fruit, berries, vegetables, ornamental flowers and trees. Please read and follow directions.

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