Control Parsleyworm With Insecticide

Control With Parsleyworm With Natural Insecticides

Control With Bt
Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) is a bacterial insecticide. It kills most leaf-eating caterpillars such as Parsleyworm. It comes as a dust or a liquid spray. BT must be eaten by the Parsleyworm to be effective, all parts of the leaves - especially, the undersides - should be thoroughly covered. Spraying the bottom half of leaves also keeps the viable spores more active because they survive longer when not hit by direct sunlight. Always apply Bt according to the instructions on the package. If the Parsleyworm are not all gone in three or four days try another application.

Control Parsleyworm With Synthetic Insecticides

Control with Pyrethroid Insecticide
All the Synthetic Insecticides listed in the Tool Shed for Vegetable Crops will effectively control Parsleyworm.

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