Control Voles With Barriers

Barriers on the plants preventing Vole contact
Commercial plastic tree shelters, tree bark guards, tree wraps, or wire guards made of very small mesh extending at least 6 inches below the soil line effectively prevent voles from attacking tree bark. If you are unable to sink the wire mesh into the ground, you will still save many trees by wrapping the bark with wire and pushing it down against the ground. Do not wrap the wire against the bark unless you use a very small meshed wire. If you use a one-inch mesh, the vole can nibble the bark through the one inch gap in the wire. The quarter inch or half inch square mesh is better for rodent control.
Lay another piece of wire on the ground, around the trunk, to prevent voles from digging close to the trunk. It is very important to remember that gnawing may be the work of rabbits because rabbits will be found in the same yard where mice and voles are found. Keep the mesh on the trunk all the time if you see rabbits and mice.

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