Controlling Perennial Weeds

Pulling Perennial Weeds Is Hard

Perennial weeds, if they are a problem at all, require a different approach from that for annual weeds. To control perennial weeds by pulling them requires a very diligent effort. Every plant must be dealt with soon after it emerges from the soil. Use a weeding tool for this task, because it makes it possible to cut weed roots down 4 to 5 inches below the soil surface. This completely cuts off the weed's access to sunlight. Cut back this way several times, most perennial weeds will eventually die. However, just a few portions of a perennial weed remain near the soil surface, it will come back to haunt. Only the most persistent efforts will yield success in eliminating perennial weeds by pulling. After a year or two of working on the problem, the perennial weed problem becomes almost non-existant.

Herbicide And Perennial Weeds

Most folks these days prefer to manage their vegetable garden using organic principles which prohibit the use of any synthetic pesticides. While there are natural insecticides available for the organic gardener, there are no truly effective natural herbicides for perennials weeds.

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