Corn Gluten by Concern


Corn Gluten Meal 50lbs.

by Concern

  • Corn Gluten Pre-emergent 8 - 2 - 4
  • Controls Weeds Naturally
  • 50 lbs

Corn Gluten Meal was discovered in 1986 to have the ability to inhibit the germination of grass and weed seeds in test plots at the Iowa State University Research Foundation. Further tests revealed that corn gluten meal contains naturally occurring substances which inhibit the growth of the seeds tiny feeder roots, causing the weed seedlings to die before they ever have a chance to grow. Corn Gluten Meal is an animal feed by-product of the manufacture of corn starch. Used as directed, Weed Prevention Plus is safe around people, pets, and wildlife. Weed Prevention Plus will not harm beneficial insects, soil organisms, ponds or stream life.

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