Crocus Choices

Common/Dutch Crocus:
‘Jeanne d’Arc’ has white flowers.
‘Pickwick’ has white petals striped with dark lavender inside and out.
‘Purpureus grandiflorus’ has large bluish-purple flowers.
‘Grand Maitre’ has lavender petals.

Wild Crocus:
Snow Crocus (Crocus tomasinianus) is the toughest, most squirrel resistant crocus. One of the first to bloom; it spreads readily into lawns.
‘Golden Bunch’ Crocus (Crocus ancyrensis) produces up to 5 orange-yellow flowers per corm.
Greek Crocus (Crocus sieberi) blooms very early, has wider than usual foliage. Its scented flowers are white or bluish-violet with yellow throats.
Golden Crocus (Crocus chrysanthus) has fragrant flowers of yellow, white or blue with yellow throats.

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