Deutzia (Deutzia)

This shrub’s claim to fame is a shower of showy white flowers in late May or early June. If left to it’s own devices the old fashioned Fuzzy Deutzia (D. scabra), a tall rangy character needs serious pruning to keep it looking good. Newer types such as Slender Deutzia (D. gracilis) are shorter, compact and some provide good fall color along with their spring flower power. They are not a good choice for small landscapes or gardeners who have to prune.
Height: 1 ½ to10 feet with a spread: 2–7 feet

Deutzia Choices
Gold Medal Winner - Deutzia gracilis ‘Nikko’ (slender deutzia) is a compact, fine-textured shrub suited to the small garden (2’ tall with a 5’ spread) and makes an excellent ground cover. A rapid grower with abundant small, white flowers starting in late May and burgundy colored foliage in the fall, this Deutzia prefers part shade in areas with hot summer temperatures. Hardy in Zones 4 to 8.
D. x lemoinei is a dense, rounded, upright hybrid. It grows 5–7' high, with an equal spread. The early summer blooms are white. ‘Avalanche’ grows 4' in height and width and bears white flowers on arching branches. ‘Compacta’ (‘Boule de Neige’) has denser, more compact growth than the hybrid species. It has large clusters of white flowers. (Zones 4–9.)
D. kalmiiflora sports light green foliage, branching to 5 feet in height. Hardy to zone 5 it flowers in lovely shades of pink. Cultivars and varieties include ‘Contrast’, ‘Magician’, ‘Mont Rose’ and ‘Pink Pom Pom’.

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