Earthbox Containers

 The EarthBox is a large self-watering container usually sold for growing tomatoes, lettuce and other veggies, but I find it's also perfect for use as a summer nursery for plants that need TLC. The potting soil retains a high-oxygen content and remains perfectly moist to encourage root growth. Last week, I moved a heuchera that was in dire need of dividing, and stuck a half dozen tiny divisions in my EarthBox to give them a good start. In late summer I'll transplant these six new plants into the garden where they will have plenty of time to establish before winter.

This week, I'm planting seeds of lettuce and chard in my EarthBox that will have plenty of room to grow when the heucheras are gone. Priced at $40, EarthBoxes are available at English Gardens, Bordine's and Downtown Home and Garden in Ann Arbor or can be purchased online from Earthbox Website

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