Feeding Robins

In the Wild: Robins eat fruit and seeds as well as insects. Those that stay over in the North in areas with mild winters find substitutes for summer insects. They eat a wide variety of berries, crop gleanings of corn and oats, weed seeds such as ragweed and the occasional slug, snail or earthworm that ventures forth on mild days. In the South in winter they supplement their favorite food, earthworms, with fruit and berries.

At the Feeder: While robins are more attracted to the worms, fresh water and bathing opportunities in and around your yard, they will visit a feeder occasionally.

Ground feeders, they are most likely to visit a low platform bird feeder to sample fresh fruits or soaked dried fruits such as raisins and currants. Sometimes when they are super hungry, migrating robins or your winter residents will visit feeders for suet, apples, grapes, cherries, peanuts or stale baked goods. They have been known to sample cooked spaghetti, American and cottage cheese and cornbread as well. Keep one or more birdbaths filled with fresh water year round for them.

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