Hand Aerating Tools

There are a number of hand tools on the market that help with aeration type tasks on the lawn

 Some can core aerate but with only two cores at a time.  


 Spiking the lawn is a different approach to get air down at least three inches into the soil under the turf.  You can work very quickly in a small area.  This tool is very handy in helping to prevent a path from forming in the lawn where the kids take a short cut to catch the school bus or the postman cuts across your lawn from the neighbor's house.  Give that area a spiking every month or two and the grass will keep growing nicely and the path will not appear.   

  hand spiking tools


 push-pull aerating tool


Product Features

  • Walk-behind spike lawn aerator; 5 aerating wheels with 7-inch spikes
  • Expose grass to air, nutrients, and water; 2-1/2-inch aeration depth
  • Steel weight tray holds concrete block, creates pressure and pushes spikes into ground; some assembly required
  • Includes 1 aerator; concrete block not included
  • 16-inches wide; 1-year warranty


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