Himalayan Pine

Himalayan Pine (Pinus wallichiana)

Also called the Butan Pine, the Himalayan Pine is a graceful, upright tree with a loosely broad pyramidal form when it is young. It often retains its lower branches. It becomes more wide spreading with pendulous branches as it matures.

It has soft, blue green needles that are 5 to 8 inches long and in bundles of 5. Their upper surface is green and the lower surface is blue white, creating a silvery blue cast. The young needles are erect and the older needles tend to droop. The cones are cylindrical 6 to 12 inch long pendulous appendages that turn brown with age. In some instances the winter winds can cause some discoloration. This tree has a good tolerance to air pollution

Himalayan Pine Choices:
Oculus Draconis has yellow banded needles. Frosty has needles that have a frosty appearance in the autumn and winter. The display may vary with the rootstock. Nana has a dwarf, bushy form. Zebrina has needles that are variegated with yellow.

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