How Birds Feed

Birds That Feed In Flight

Birds that eat in flight dine on gypsy moths, cabbage worm moths, codling moths, cankerworm moths, leaf rollers, locusts, leafhoppers, aphids, horseflies, winged ants, butterflies, and beetles. Included in this group are the following birds:
Catbirds -- Phoebes -- Flycatchers
Purple martins -- Mockingbirds

Birds That Are Foliage Gleaners

Foliage gleaners feast on leafhoppers, aphids, leaf rollers, leaf miners, cankerworms, cutworms, hairy caterpillars, tent caterpillars, gypsy moth larvae, Colorado potato beetles, and flea beetles. These birds include the following:
Northern orioles – Chickadees – Nuthatches
Purple finches --Catbirds

Birds That Are Bark Gleaners

Several birds are helpful in an orchard or woodland home landscape because they eat insects and eggs found on the bark including bark borers, hibernating insects such as codling moths, trunk borers, plant lice, and bark lice. These birds include the following:
Chickadees – Woodpeckers – Flickers
Wrens -- Nuthatches

Birds That Are Ground Feeders

Ground feeders may eat beetles, rootworms, leafhoppers, aphids, cutworms, cabbage worms, root maggots, grasshoppers, chinch bugs, white grubs, root borers, ants, root lice, and June bugs. These birds include the following:
Bluebirds – Robins -- Cardinals
Song sparrow - - Catbirds – Starling
Chipping sparrows – Woodpeckers – Phoebes
Wrens -- Purple finches

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