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Bugwiser Sprayer by Hudson
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Bugwiser® Sprayers
For weekend gardeners and or those who spray regularly, our deluxe Bugwiser® sprayer line is just the ticket. Quality and convenient features provide for frequent, long-lasting use.
Choice of 1-, 2- and 2.75-gallon poly, 1- and 2-gallon stainless steel sprayers; and 1, -2, and 3 gallon galvanized steel sprayers with Endurall® epoxy coating inside and out.
Wide, deep funnel top for faster, splash-free filling.
Famous brass Roto-Valve for instant on/off control. Freely rotates to make it easy to spray up or down.
Long-reaching Kem-Oil® power sprayer grade hose that's non-kinking.
Bright, nickel-plated brass spray wand and cone nozzle for durability and outstanding appearance.
Polyethylene models feature...
Translucent tanks for easy sighting of liquid level.
High performance poly pump with unique soft cushion grip. Pressurizes sprayer up to 15 percent faster; grip makes it easy to carry and use sprayer.
Handle notched for holding wand.
Stainless steel models feature...
High efficiency poly pump with strong "D" handle.
Heavy-grade, polished stainless steel tank for strength and good looking appearance.
Epoxy-coated galvanized steel sprayers feature heavy Endurall® epoxy over galvanized steel for double the chemical resistance.


Ask for Hudson model 62181 Bugwiser poly sprayer (1-gal); 62182 (2-gal); 62183 (2.75-gal) or Hudson model 67215 Bugwiser stainless steel sprayer (1-gal) or 67220 (2-gal); 62061 epoxy-coated galvanized steel (1-gal); 62062 (2-gal);62063 (3-gal). Call 1-800-9-SPRAYER 24 hour line to learn about a garden center near you.

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