Hudson Classic

Classic™ and Classic PLus Sprayers
"They're what Hudson built its reputation on . . . really great practical sprayers--with quality, dependability, features and a price that make them the best value, bar none! The Hudson Classic osf sprayer is built to make your job as easy as possible and to assure that the sprayer is a great investment.
§ Outstanding quality and dependability; fully featured.
§ Tough, heavy-duty, translucent poly tanks.
§ Pressure release valve built into tank.
§ Higher performance poly pump--most efficient in industry.
§ Big, extra-comfortable pump handle.
§ Long braided, non-kinking power sprayer grade hose.
§ Tough, long brass spray wand and cone nozzle adjusts from mist to long range.
§ Classic Plus sprayers feature a cushion pump grip and a 22-36 inch telescoping spray wand.
Ask for Hudson model 61531 Classic poly sprayer (1-gal); 61532 (2-gal); or 61533 (2.75 gal). Classic Plus models are 21531, 21532, and 21533. Call 1-800-9-SPRAYER 24 hour line to learn about a garden center near you.

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