Hudson Trombone Sprayers

Trombone® Sprayers
The Hudson Trombone® sprayer is useful for trees as well as hedges and low growing plants.
§ Easy in-and-out strokes of pump fire a spray up to 25 feet! Or adjust nozzle for extremely fine mist. Especially ideal for fruit trees.
§ Long hose draws solution from a pail or drum.
§ Bright nickel-plated brass pump and adjustable cone nozzle.
§ Model 61224 produces 150 psi and features a 9-inch extension.
§ Model 61219 has a plastic hand grip and produces 140 psi.
Ask for Hudson Trombone® Sprayer models above. Call 1-800-9-SPRAYER 24 hour line to learn about a garden center near you.

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