Hyacinth Bean

Month to Month Care for Hyacinth Bean








Hyacinth Bean - Plant new Hyacinth Bean seedlings purchased at the garden center or nursery, as soon as danger of frost is past and the soil is warm. 

Optional Task - If you like to get a jump on the season, try starting the young plants indoors. The seeds are large and dark in color with one white stripe. They are very easy to grow, but I recommend that you soak them in water overnight before planting them. This will improve the rate of germination.


Hyacinth Bean – If Hyacinth Beans are growing in good soil containing lots of organic material, they need no feeding in the spring when the seedlings start growing.  In poor soils use one half cup of slow-release granular fertilizer per plant.

Provide support such as strings, trellis, fence, or teepee of 3 or 4 bean poles so the young plants will be able to twine on a support.


Hyacinth Bean - Ornamental Hyacinth Bean Vine is a charming addition to the garden. This annual climbing bean vine is useful as a back(drop)or living screen. Beautiful dark green purple-veined foliage showcases large spiked clusters of 1 inch deep violet & white pea-like blossoms followed by ruby-purple seed pods.


Hyacinth Bean - Optional task – Hyacinth Beans grow best when mulched.  As soon as the Hyacinth Bean seedlings are tall enough, spread a 2 or 3-inch layer of some organic material such as chopped leaves, dried grass or wood chips on the soil around the plants. 


Hyacinth Bean - Plant new Hyacinth Bean seedlings purchased at the garden center or nursery anytime in September or October.


Hyacinth Bean – Fall is the best time to fertilize Hyacinth Bean.  Give each plant about one cup of slow-release granular fertilizer, sprinkled around the base of the plant. 






Hyacinth Bean - Ornamental Hyacinth Bean is also called Lablab Bean, Mouse-Ear Vine, or Egyptian Kidney Bean. "Lablab" is an Arabic or Egyptian name describing the dull rattle of the seeds inside the dry pod.


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