Hybrid Tulip Choices

‘Daydream’ is pure apricot, perfectly shaped; blooms in mid-spring.
‘Golden Appledoorn’ is a lemon-yellow; blooms in mid-spring.
‘Holland’s Glorie’ has red flowers that bloom in mid-spring.
‘Ivory Floradale’ is a rare ivory white Darwin Hybrid.
‘Jewel of Spring’ has large yellow blooms tipped with red; blooms in mid-spring.
‘Olympic Flame’ is a yellow flower suffused throughout with red ‘flames’.
‘Oxford’ has a reddish yellow bloom with a yellow center; blooms in mid-spring.
‘Pink Impression’ is one of the largest tulips; has a pure pink flower.
‘President Kennedy’ is a large, strong-stemmed buttercup yellow, specked red.

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