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Recent Impatiens Releases

Salsa Mix
New For 2004
Impatiens Salsa Mix -- The new Salsa Mix of semi-double Fanciful Impatiens has similar colors to the Cancun Mix, but the flowers take on a semi-double, or rose-like, form.

Cancun Mix
New For 2003
Impatiens 'Cancun Mix' 'Cancun Mix' is a combination of salmon, orange and red shades to create a hot mix that is eye-catching. This brings the total number of mixes in Tempos to eight. (Grown by Bodger)

Impatiens 'Dazzler® Rose Swirl' A brilliant bloomer. Hot rose picotee edge around a light pink center! Great garden vigor – plants size up fast in borders, beds, landscapes and containers. Compact and uniform with masses of bright, 1.5-inch flowers from spring until frost. (Grown by Ball Seed Co.)

New For 2002
Impatiens 'Dazzler Blue Pearl' - Compact, uniform habit generates masses of 1.5 inch rich bluish-lilac blooms on rich green foliage. Thrives in landscapes and pots. All 22 color choices in series are well matched, coming into bloom together and flowering freely until frost. (Grown by Ball Seed)

Impatiens F1 'Fanciful Tropical Mix' - All-new Fanciful series offers many bright, multi-petaled blooms. Terrific in mixed containers and in the garden. 10-12 inches tall and 14-16 inches across. Excellent branching and uniform habit. Colors: Coral, Orchid Rose, Red, and Salmon (Grown by Ball Seed)

Impatiens 'Garden Leader Sun & Shade Lipstick' - 'Lipstick' is new for 2002, a new Sun & Shade addition - the most complete series available: 35 colors plus 12 designer mixes. Every variety and mixture is garden tested for superior outdoor performance. (Grown by Grimes)

Impatiens F1 'Tempo®Cinnamon' - Hot red color on compact plant habit. Tempo's still boast the largest flower. The series includes 29 colors and 8 mixes. Tempos continue to win over followers because of their excellent germination and improved compact plant habit. (Grown by Bodger)

New For 2001
Impatiens F1 'Accent Midnight Rose' The first dark-leafed variety in the "Accent" series features unique dark green foliage and bright rose pink flowers. Blooms in shady areas from early spring to winter on free-flowering plants 10-12 inches high. "Accent" available in 26 colors, 8 formula mixtures. (Grown by Goldsmith Seeds)

Impatiens F1 'ShowStopper Peach Flair' Big, 2-inch, salmon orange blooms painted with distinctive red streaks boast a super-impressive look! The showy, mounded F1 impatiens are non-stop shade performers, creating spectacular baskets, landscapes and garden borders. Also available in 17 other colors and 3 mixes. (Grown by Ball Seed)

Impatiens F1 'Tempo® Strawberry Butterfly' With the largest flowers, excellent germination and compact habit, Bodger now offers over 27 separate colors and 7 mixtures. 'Tempo Strawberry Butterfly' has a strikingly beautiful pink flower with a deep cherry "butterfly" in the center. 6-10 inch garden height. (Grown by Bodger Seeds)

Many Others To Consider

Impatiens come in a bewildering array of colors and types.

Some notable common impatiens are:
Dazzler series have 2 inch blooms and enormous flower production. They are good for containers. (blush, orange, white, violet, white with rose centers, cranberry, coral, red, pink)

Sparkler series have bronzy foliage and are good for beds or containers (burgundy, red, rose, crystal, violet orange)

Dwarf types such as ‘Pink Baby’ and ‘Scarlet Baby’ are petite, compact plants only 12 inches tall.

Firefly series flower petals are edged with a deeper tone: Pink, Peach, Coral, Scarlet Swirl.

Rosetta hybrids are double, semi-double or single blooms in red, rose, pink, white.

Super Elfin Series are good for hanging baskets.

New Guinea Impatiens:
‘Tango’ is an All-America Selection winner with 2 1/2 inch flowers and grows to 24 inches tall. It is the most sun tolerant of all impatiens.

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