Japanese Barberry Choices

‘Crimson Pygmy’ is a dwarf form only 2 feet tall. It is extremely popular, loves sun.

‘Rose Glow’ has rosy-pink foliage splotched with purple which matures to reddish-purple.

‘Kobold’ forms mounds 2 or 2 1/2 feet, dark green foliage turning off- yellow in autumn.

‘Aurea’ has rounder leaves that are lime to gold to orange flame over the season.

‘Sparkle’ grows 4 to 5 feet with rich, green foliage, turning bright reddish- orange in fall.

Mentor Barberry (Berberis x mentorensis) is a hybrid barberry that is excellent for hedges in the East and Midwest. Its thorniness makes it a good barrier plant.

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