Japanese White Pine

Japanese White Pine (Pinus parviflora)

Japanese White Pine creates a striking landscape element wherever it is used. Often seen with a dense, conical form when young, Japanese White Pine develops into a 25 to 50-foot-tall, graceful, irregularly-shaped tree. As it matures the form becomes more flat topped, still very picturesque in the landscape.

The 1 to 2.5-inch-long needles are stiff and twisted, forming blue/green tufts of foliage at the branch tips, and giving an overall fine texture to the tree's silhouette. The brownish-red cones are one to four inches long and persist on the tree for six to seven years.

Japanese White Pine Choices
Brevifolia is an upright, narrow tree that is sparsely branched. It has blue/green foliage in tight bundles. Glauca has greenish foliage with a touch of silver. It is a wide-spreading tree that grows 45 feet high or more.

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