Kill With Herbicide

Using An Herbicide On The Lawn
If you choose to use a chemical herbicide to eliminate a major broadleaved weed problem, you are looking for an effective product that is a selective herbicide, like 2,4-D, that will kill all the broadleaved weeds but will not hurt the grass. Or you are looking for a product that is designed to kill the broad leaved weeds and kill the grassy weeds, but still not harm the turf grass.

In Yardener’s Tool Shed there is a section dealing with Herbicides For Lawns that offers information about both kinds of lawn herbicides.

This herbicide, like all pesticides, while it is safe to use in the home landscape, it should be handled with very careful attention to the application instructions on the label.

We do not recommend using any product that includes both an herbicide and a fertilizer; often called “weed and feed” products. It may seem like a convenient way to do two jobs, but the fact is that a lawn that has excessive weeds is a lawn in stress. A lawn in stress should not be fertilized until that stress is removed. So apply the herbicide, over-seed two weeks later, and then do the fertilizer job a month after those steps.

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