Landscaping For Catbirds

The best way to attract catbirds to the yard so you can enjoy their antics and benefit from their pest control efforts is to plant shrubs and trees that not only give them a nesting site, but also offer the berries that they love. In nature they like brushy, overgrown openings in the woods, so any landscape layout creating similar conditions will encourage them to settle down and raise their families on your property. Catbirds will nest in, among many shrubs, Chinese elm hedges, lilac shrubs, hawthorn thickets, mock-orange bushes, sumac groves and white pines.

Plant shrubs that have berries in your yard, or berry crops in your vegetable garden (if you don't mind catbirds sharing your harvest):

Plants Adored By Catbirds
Highbush blueberriesMulberryWild blackberry

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