Marigold Choices

 There are several types of marigolds:

French, which are small and dainty;

American, which are taller with large flowers;

Triploid hybrids which are a combination of these two types; and

Signet, which very dainty and spreading.


Recent Marigold Releases

New For 2004
Marigold 'Disco™ Red' Tagetes patula
This free flowering French marigold is a full sun annual with single-flowered bright red 1.5-inch yellow centered blooms. Upright 16-inch tall plant with 12-inch spread is perfect for container, garden and mass planting. (Grown by Bodger Seeds)

Marigold 'Marvelous Orange' Tagetes patula
The largest flowered French crested marigold on the market. Fully crested blooms often measure up to 3 inches in diameter. The 12-inch tall plants flower early with a nice mounded habit. Series also includes 'Yellow' and 'Flame.' (Grown by Sakata)

Additional Marigold Choices

American (Tagetes erecta) hybrids:
Climax series has fully double, 4 1/2 inch wide, ruffled blossoms, ideal for cutting.

‘First Lady’ is a #1 all-time All-America Selections winner with sturdy, double, yellow blooms.

French (Tagetes patula):
‘Queen Sophia’ an All-America Selection, its large blossoms change color over the season; russet red with gold trimmed petals.

‘Disco Mix’ has 2 inch wide single flowers, early bloomer, rain tolerant.

‘Bolero’ an All-America Selection, is double, bicolor red and gold.

Signet (Tagetes tenuifolia)
‘Gem Mix’ has single gold, yellow or orange flowers, lemon-scented foliage, dwarf at 8 inches tall.

Triploid hybrids:
‘Nugget Supreme Yellow’ has 2 inch, weather tolerant, bright yellow flowers.


Marigolds are easy to grow from seed, either starting them indoors or putting them directily out into the garden.  There are four buttons up to the left giving some good options.



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