Micro Mist Sprayer

Hudson Fog®

Hudson Fog® Professional Electric Ultra Low Volume Atomizer

Here's a terrific answer to controlling dangerous mosquitoes, other flying insects and plant disease. Uses any kind of sprayable material including wettable powders. Applies micron (22-46 microns) mist that lingers in air to kill flying insects. Easily penetrates bushes and leaves of trees because of small droplet size.
Holds 2 gallons (7.5 liters).
Variable settings so you can regulate mist.
Coverage is more than 20 feet. Lets you cover very large areas quickly and easily.
Corrosion resistant poly tank.
Can also be used inside for control of insects, mildew, etc.

For home, lawn and garden rely on Hudson sprayers to protect against insects, weeds and plant diseases. We also make life easier with sprayers for wood deck maintenance, removing wallpaper, mildew control, and many other applications. Concrete contractors, janitorial and sanitation maintenance workers and pest control operators turn to Hudson Professional division sprayers and accessories. Fog Electric Atomizer Sprayer. Ultra Low volume mist for indoor/outside use. Includes large commercial coiled hose for directing chemical mist. Light weight poly 2 gallon tank. Carrying strap. Operates on 110V AC power. Outputs 10-46 microns particle size--average droplet 20 micron. Adjustable output of 1.5 to 14 gallons per hour. 15 foot range. For portable use. 90 day warranty

Ask for Hudson 99598 Atomizer. Call 1-800-9-SPRAYER 24 hour line to learn about dealer near you.

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