Miniature Rose

Miniature Roses
Miniature roses are really a form of bush rose. Their very compact size makes them ideal for edgings and container plants. Unlike the other bush types that are grafted (floribundas, grandifloras, hybrid teas), miniatures usually grow on their own root system.

Size: A miniature rose is miniature in all respects. Plants reach six to 24 inches in height
Tall - 18 to 24 inches, Medium - 12 to 18 inches, Low - under 12 inches.

Foliage: The flowers are smaller, and the leaves, stems and internodes are in proportion to the petite flower size.

Flowers and Fruit: The flowers are smaller to match the foliage. There are shrubs and polyanthas with small flowers, but small flowers alone do not make a miniature.

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