Morning Glory

Month to Month Care for Morning Glory Vine (Ipomoea tricolor)






Morning Glory Vine – This vine needs some kind of support, so you might want to get ready before you decide where you want to plant Morning Glory Vine.  They grow on strings, netting, or chain link fences. 


Morning Glory Vine – You can buy seedlings or plant this vine from seed.  To grow from seed, nick the hard seed coat with a file and soak the seed overnight before sowing.  These plants love lousy soil.  Plant new Morning Glory Vine seedlings purchased at the garden center or nursery, as soon as danger of frost is past and the soil is warm. 


Morning Glory Vine – Optional task – Morning Glory Vines grow best when mulched.  As soon as the Morning Glory Vine seedlings are tall enough, spread a 2 or 3 inch layer of some organic material such as chopped leaves, dried grass or wood chips on the soil around the plants. 




Morning Glory Vine – This plant will begin blooming in mid-summer and continue giving you color until the frost kills it.  Flowers open in the morning, then fade and (drop)in the afternoon, although they may stay open on cloudy doays or on cool autumn days. 


Morning Glory Vine – Normally, Morning Glory Vine can handle low water situations, but if you have no rain in two weeks, give it a good drink. 


Morning Glory Vine – This plant will die with the coming of the first hard frost.  It sometimes reseeds itself, so you may find some Morning Glory Vine in the same spot next spring. 








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