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Springstar MOS12 Mosquito Trap

by SpringStar -

  • This unique mosquito trap catches only the ones that bite.
  • Certified green, pesticide-free product.
  • Control mosquitoes without pesticides
  • One trap and lure set per box
  • This unique mosquito trap catches only the ones that bite. Particularly effective on the Culex mosquito, the one that spreads west nile virus. The trap works by luring female mosquitoes inside using a pheromone- once inside they cannot escape. Two per average yard will reduce the population significantly. Trap can be rinsed out and reused many times during the season, more bait will be required (SpringStar mosquito refill lure, item S1519). Try it, you'll like it.

Viatek Products Mini Mosquito Trap

by Viatek

  • Insects are lured into the trap with a high intensity, no-txxic ultraviolet light, then fall into the collection chamber for an easy clean up later
  • Safe, non-toxic method of insect control
  • The ti02 helps generate the co2 to attract insests
  • No popping or explosions of insects
  • Portable size to take anywhere

This state of the art technoloty uses the acclaimed UV technoloty to attract and destroy pesky flying insects.


Koolatron MK05 Champion Mosquito Trap

  • Decorative mosquito trap; covers up to 1/2 acre; sets up anywhere
  • Uses heat, light, octenal and CO2 attractants to lure mosquitoes away from humans
  • Vacuums mosquitoes into trap and reduces population
  • Exclusive blue light system attracts blood suckers from all around
  • No assembly required; measures 12.5 by 11 by 9 inches; weighs 7.8 pounds
Easily keeping the home, dock, small campground or ball field free and clear of pesky mosquitoes all summer long, the Champion mosquito trap from Koolatron sets up just about anywhere for more enjoyable outdoor fun. The decorative trap blends right in with the landscaping and, equipped with an array of attractants proven effective, the unit protects folks from annoying bloodsuckers within a 1/2-acre area. The trap uses body temperature thermal imaging, an exclusive blue light system, octenol attractant to draw harmful insects away from your favorite outdoor venue, and traps them by sucking them into a trap with a small vacuum.

Help Protect your entire family from mosquitoes with Koolatron's BIte Shield Mosquito Trap Champion. This trap uses proven mosquito attractants to draw the annoying and harmful insects away from where your loved ones gather. An easy-to-assemble, weatherproof

Mosquito Magnet MM3000 Liberty Mosquito Trap

  • Mosquito trap for yards; works for no-see-ums, other biting insects too
  • Silent and odorless; 1-acre coverage; 24-hour protection; attracts biting insects to carbon dioxide
  • Stainless steel and plastic construction
  • Includes trap, 50-foot cord, burying clips for cord, 1 Octenol cartridge; propane and propane tank not included
  • 25 by 13 by 33 inches; 1-year warranty


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