Mowing The Lawn


Jeff Loves Mowing
Jeff Loves Mowing

Americans apparently love to mow the lawn. On average, they mow between 25 and 30 times per growing season--roughly once a week between April and October. While frequency may vary from wet springs to dry summers, this represents an impressive 40 hours or so a year behind or riding on a lawn mower. Typically homeowners do not give much thought to mowing technique, but this has an enormous impact on the health and appearance of a lawn. There are lots of simple mowing techniques that make a big difference in your lawn.

The most important part of this entire section is the part that tells you to keep your lawn mower raised so the grass stays tall. Check it out.

When mowing, be sure to vary your lawn mowing patterns each time to avoid compacting the soil. Wear sturdy shoes when mowing to protect your feet from debris. Keep your lawn mowing equipment sharp and well-maintained for the best cut. And don't forget to review lawn mowing tips before getting started to ensure you use proper technique.



Choosing A Lawn Mower for Lawn Mowing

In Yardener's Tool Shed in the Lawn Mower section we have extensive information about how to choose a lawn mower and we offer examples of the many different kinds of lawn mowers.


Use Ear Protection - Always

Whether you are using a walk behind mower or a riding mower, the noise of those machines, when experienced for more than 30 minutes, can cause measurable harm to your hearing. Traditional passive ear protectors, like those used on a shooting gallery, do not provide sufficient protection. Go to the Yardener's Tool Shed and check out NoiseBusters



Do I need to have my mower blade sharpened every year?

The sharper the blade the cleaner the cut; however every two or three years is okay.


How tall do I want to mow my grass?

The minimum is 2 inches for northern lawns; 2 1/2 is better.  3 inches is best in July and August.  


Should I collect the grass clippings?

No.  Leave them on the lawn.


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