Nanking Cherry

Nanking Cherry (Prunus tomentosa)
Nanking Cherry is a large wide spreading shrub. It can be pruned as a small tree. Leaves are dark green with fuzzy undersides. It is grown primarily for its showy pink to white flowers that cover the plant in early spring. Nanking Cherry can be used in the shade, but it flowers better in sun or partial shade. The 1/2" bright red fruit which ripen in early July are edible but a little tart for fresh eating. They make excellent jams and jellies. Needs cross pollination to produce fruit. The pit is quite large in relationship to the fruit size. The fruit is relished by birds. The plant works well as a mass planting or informal hedge. Nanking Cherry is native to northern China and is very cold hardy. This tree is very prone to rabbit browsing for some reason.

Nanking Cherry Choices
Leucocarpa has white fruit. Orient has large red-orange fruit.

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