Narcissus Choices

A survey of any bulb catalog reveals the enormous numbers of charming, attractive choices of narcissus. Some favorites are:
Poet's narcissus: `Actaea'.
Paperwhites: ~`Soleil d'Or'; `Geranium'.
Jonquils: `Baby Moon' `Pipit'.
Split coronas, double flowers: `Rose of May'(white, fragrant, double, blooms late); `Ice King" (white, double, frilled peach corona); `Rip Van Winkle' (yellow, double, very narrow petals).
Multi-flowered [regular size]: `Hawera'; `Valiant'; `Thalia'; `Trevithian'.
Dwarf types: `Tete-a-Tete' (yellow, multi-flowered, good for forcing); `Jack Snipe' (white, yellow corona); `Jetfire' (yellow, orange-red corona); `Peeping Tom' (yellow, multi-flowered); `Jumblie' (yellow, multi-flowered); `Ice Wings' (white, multi-flowered).

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