New Shrub Roses for 2004

New Shrub Roses for 2004

Blushing Knock Out&Trade; ‘Radyod’ PPAF, Canadian PBRAF
The Conard-Pyle Company has added another knock out to its line of landscape shrub roses. Blushing Knock Out&Trade;, a sport of the breakthrough shrub rose, ‘Radrazz’, the Knock Out&Trade; rose, is as tough and showy as its parent and as carefree and winter hardy as well. It blooms profusely and thrives in very humid climates where most other roses need spray maintenance. Its light pink color changes nicely into shell pink as the 3 to 3-1/2 inch bloom ages, giving a very soft overall color effect at all stages. For more information go to

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Panda Meidiland&Reg; ‘Meipadan’ PPAF
Smaller and bushier in habit, Panda Meidiland&Reg; has the same disease resistance and winter hardiness as Conard-Pyle's other famous Meidiland&Reg; and Carefree&Reg; Shrub Roses. Its pure white flowers with yellow centers give off a light fragrance and bloom continuously from spring until late fall with little maintenance. Winter hardy to zone 4, Panda is perfect for mixing with other shrub roses and perennials. For more information go to

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