Operating Tips

Safety Clothes - Treat even the smaller, lighter versions of the blower/vac with the respect it deserves. Always wear safety goggles and ear protection. These might seem to be overkill, but it only takes 30 minutes of having the sound of the blower/vac up close to begin causing damage to your ears. Don’t even think about not wearing safety glasses when you have a tool that can kick up debris like this one. If you are using a blower in very dusty conditions, you should give serious consideration to wearing a face mask. It is a very good idea to wear long pants and sleeves and gloves when using these tools. Shorts and sandals are not a good idea.

Folks Nearby - The rule for dealing with these tools when there are kids or other people nearby is simple – don’t use the tool when there are folks nearby. If someone walks by on the sidewalk, turn the machine off until they have safely passed. This rule is just good common sense.

Noise Pollution - There is nothing more maddening than having a neighbor light off his gasoline blower/vac at 7;30 on a Saturday morning. These tools are noisy so should be used during a time of the day when they will be least inconvenient to neighbors.

Clogged Blower/vac - If your blower/vac gets clogged, and it will from time to time, take the following steps

1. Turn off the power as soon as you notice a clog.

2. Quickly squeeze the bag while its still inflated to force air back into the machine. Often, reverse air flow is all that’s needed to clear an obstruction.

3. If that doesn’t work to unclog the machine, unplug the machine or disconnect the spark plug wire before trying to work the clog loose. Removing that spark plug wire may seem like overkill, but there are thousands of folks injured by putting their hands inside a blower/vac because they did not remove that spark plug wire.

Common Sense Maintenance - Whether gasoline or electric, always wipe off your blower/vac after each use. Tore gasoline equipment away from heat, sparks or other fire hazards, and allow time for the engine to cool first before storing.

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