Calendula does equally well in full sun or partial shade. It likes cool weather and can withstand a light frost. The soil should be of average fertility and well drained.

Seeding: Direct sow in mid-spring; indoors a month or so earlier. Planting out: Mid-spring. Spacing: 8–10" apart.


Young plants are sometimes difficult to find in nurseries because Calendula is quick and easy to start from seed and that is how most gardeners grow it. A second sowing in mid-summer gives a good fall display. Deadhead to prolong blooming and keep plants looking neat.

Calendula flowers can be cut for arrangements.

Calendula flowers are popular kitchen herbs that can be added to stews for color and flavouring (delete)Ali Calendula has a very delicate flavor that would be destroyed by the heat and overpowered by stronger flavors. ) or brewed into an infusion that can be used to wash minor cuts and bruises.

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