Pest Insects On Fruits & Berries

The presence of pest insects on fruits and berries can ruin a garden and a harvest. It's important to identify and control these pests to maintain healthy plants and produce.

Common Pest Insects and their Effects on Fruits and Berries


Foliage yellowed or white mottling, glaze of honeydew; plant weakens - Leafhoppers

Holes in fruit; leaves rolled up - Leafrollers  

Weaken plant, stunting growth, fewer blooms and fruit.  - Sawflies

Leaves and twigs webbed together - Fall Webworm  

Holes in flowers; leaves rolled up – Leafrollers  

Plant stunted, leaves yellowed, lesions on roots – Nematodes

Deformed or dwarf flowers. - Plant Bugs  

Plant wilts, underground stems and roots chewed. – Wireworms

Learn about common pests that can harm your fruit and berry plants:

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