Pest Insects on Houseplants

Pest insect problems on houseplants can occur several different ways. You might bring in some plants from outdoors to protect them during the winter months and with those plants the pest insect enjoys the ride into your home. You may buy a houseplant at the store or be given a plant by a friend and it may have a pest insect riding in on the gift.

While there can be any number of insects making their way into your house on a plant, the five most common pest insects on houseplants are Aphids, Whiteflies, Spider Mites, Scale, and Mealybugs. We have detailed files helping you to identify a pest insect and then once diagnosed, how to get rid of the critters.

For more information see the files on Controlling Aphids, Controlling Whiteflies, Controlling Mites, Controlling Scale, and Controlling Mealy Bugs.

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