Flowers and New Fruits Damaged by Pickleworms.
Damaged flowers, buds, and new fruits may indicate tunneling by the larva of this borer moth. The caterpillar is light yellow or light green, about 5/8-inch long, with many small black spots and a brown head. You won’t see the adult moths because they only come out at night. They can be a serious cucumber pest in some parts of the south, especially in Florida and Texas (where they also ravage melons and summer squash) and occasionally appear as far north as New York and west to Nebraska. Handpick the caterpillars, cut and destroy affected plant parts, or apply Bacillus thuringiensis. Always read and follow label instructions no matter which insecticide you choose. Prevent the pest from attacking by covering sprouting plants with floating row cover. Remove the barrier at flowering to allow pollination. Another trick to try is planting summer squash as a “trap crop.” These worms will go for the squash first, and you can pick off the infested squash flowers and destroy them.

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