Plant Health Products

Plants, like people, need minerals, hormones, enzymes, vitamins, and other minute ingredients in addition to fertilizer's nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in their diet to be truly healthy. While most general purpose fertilizer products provide the main meal, NPK, they do not necessarily include these minor nutrients.

Healthy soil rich in organic material normally provides them. However, since most residential properties have less than ideal soil, plants may need a supplementary dose of minor nutrients.

Products variously labeled “bioactivators”, “tonics”, “vitamins” or “ boosters” serve this purpose.

Use them:
1. on any plant you want to be as healthy as possible.
2. on plants that are stressed by weather or heavy production.
3. to reduce transplant shock when transplanting seedlings or dividing perennials.
4. when overseeding a lawn.
5. to revitalize trees and shrubs weakened by pruning.
6. on houseplants prone to fungal problems.

For detailed information about these products and how to use them in the home landscape go to Yardener's Helper and check out the file Plant Growth Helpers

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