Planting Baby's Breath

The Right Place
Full sun here. Soil on the alkaline side, average garden soil, not too rich in organic matter and well draining; can even be sandy. Can’t stand wet, soggy soil.

Planting Nursery Stock
Plant divisions in either spring or fall. Transplant containerized nursery stock anytime during the growing season. Choose an overcast day or plant in the evening so that the transplant is not stressed by the sun while it copes with transplant shock.

Prepare the planting area dig down 8 to 10 inches, fertilizer mixed into the soil. Dig a planting hole about as deep and slightly wider than the root ball or container. If plant is grafted, common with double flowered forms, the graft union should be 1-inch below the soil level to encourage root development from the stems to help support the plants. Set the plant in the hole so that its crown, where the roots meet the stems, is at soil level. Fill in the hole with soil, firming it gently around plant stems to remove air pockets and water well. Set plants about 2 to 3 feet apart to allow for their gradual spread. Mulch to control weeds and keep dirt from splashing onto flowers. Do not pile it against the crown and stems of the plants.

Don’t move once is established, resists it. Because has tap root.

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